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The Flipped Classroom

Instead of lecturing during class time and leaving students to figure out how best to do their assignments on their own at home, flip the class and give students the opportunity for hands-on activities and meaningful learning in class.

    • Record re-usable video lesson resources, so you don’t have to do it again next year. It’s easy to make minor updates to perfect lessons over time once the initial recording is done.

    • Build stronger student-teacher relationships, and promote higher level thinking. Since your class will watch the input/lectures as homework, you can spend class time working one-on-one with students to get them to surpass their potential.

    • Not all students learn at the same pace. Allow students to rewind and replay your input/lectures. Give students the time they need to process the lesson, so they come to college prepared to ask the questions they need answered.

The adaptive learning company Knewton has released an infographic in order to provide background on the flipped classroom model and why so many teachers are experimenting with it.

Flipped Classroom


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