Socrative is a smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
This teaching resource has been used by English Lecturer Will Sherwood, who commented;

“Socrative is a great type of assessment that can be used as either a Starter or Plenary. In teaching Animal Farm, I put together a quiz (made up of multiple choice, true or false, or one answer questions) to test what students had learnt since I took over the class. Socrative allows you to not only create a wide range of questions  but you can move them around during the creation process as well. The major thing to consider when creating the questions is how long could the answer be? Socrative is unforgiving and students answers must match your own. Although you can offer multiple answers (each one needs to be separated by a comma) if the answer is more than one word, you need to consider every single alternative answer your students could come up with. If they’ve given the right answer but it tells them they’re wrong, you’ll definitely be hearing about it! The great thing about the quiz is that they are never set in stone, after trialling one, you can go back and modify it depending on the level of your students or the success of the quiz.

An addition to Socrative is that once everyone has completed the quiz, it gives you, the teacher, an excel spreadsheet with every students answer to each question and colours in the correct answers green and the wrong answers red.

I would highly recommend Socrative quiz as students find it a great way to test their knowledge and as an extension task, you can get students to create their own quizzes to test the rest of the class on.”

Check out this instructional video for a how to guide: