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Plane Finder

Track the progress of flights across the sky in real time with Plane Finder, Pinkfroots live aviation web and phone app.

Map data ©2014 GeoBasis-DE/BKG (©2009), Google

Alongside the tracking of planes, there are details of flight times, speed, altitude etc. Opening a huge range of possibilities for functional skills and GCSE Maths activities.


Plickers – Clickers Simplified

Plickers is a Student response system which only requires one electronic device.

Plickers is fun, easy to use, and best of all free (60p printing costs).
Plickers requires No Electronic Devices in students’ hands – no laptops, tablets, remotes, or smartphones.
Therefore, no batteries to lose or replace, no expensive equipment to buy, no Bring Your Own Device, and no one is left out.

How it works:

  1. Each student gets a A5 piece of paper with a unique barcode shape on it – the paper clicker.
  2. The teacher asks a question and provides A,B,C,D answer options
  3. Students answer questions by showing their barcodes (paper rotated to signify different answers) to the teacher’s smartphone.
  4. The teacher gets a real-time bar graph of the answers and how many were correct in the group.

This serves as a great starter or plenary activity with students.

To get pluckers for your classroom, go to:

Paper response sheets:

For instructions on how to use (10 min video)